On 5 August 2023, the AIM Management Consulting Club unveiled its ambitions through its inaugural General Assembly. Drawing an impressive 139 aspiring consulting leaders, the event showcased a resolute commitment to establishing a global consulting cornerstone. Additionally, it marked a unique achievement: being the first club at AIM to represent all its diverse programs.

Esteemed Head of the Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business, Dr. Felipe O. Calderon, CPA, CMA, set the tone for the day as he spoke about the club’s journey – from the spark of an idea to a vibrant community. His emphasis on the club’s inclusive ethos and rapid growth resonated with the audience.

The day’s agenda encompassed two primary goals: to inform and to inspire. As the club’s committees and roles were presented, deliberate openings were retained for various officer positions, actively encouraging members to step up and influence the club’s trajectory. Elevating the event’s depth were industry luminaries, including SGV & Co Partner, Mr. Miguel Carlo Rancap, MBA 2016, and KPMG’s Mr. Jallain S. Manrique, EMBA 2023B. Mr. Rancap demystified the attributes of successful consultants, while Mr. Manrique, with a visionary perspective, delved into the future of consulting. His insights on the transformative potential of generative AI and the necessity of adaptability underscored the club’s forward-thinking ethos.

As the AIM Management Consulting Club sets its sights on the future, it extends a heartfelt invitation to its members: to join hands, share ideas, and contribute to its vision. Every effort, no matter its scale, propels the club closer to its goals. Stay connected for more updates from the AIM Management Consulting Club.