The AIM TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Leadership (AIMTEC-BL) was named a Top Award Nominee at the Going Beyond Awards 2021 by the Global Business School Network (GBSN) and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). The Going Beyond Awards celebrates initiatives that positively impact society and promote sustainable development.

AIMTEC-BL was established in 2004 with a mission to develop leaders who will address societal divides within the Philippines and across Asia. They provide fellowships and training programs in leading change projects that respond to key issues such as poverty, armed conflict, healthcare access, and quality education. Throughout the years, the Center has capacitated over 4,000 leaders and produced more than 150 fellows who have generated positive change in over 100 communities.

The Going Beyond Awards 2021 Judges Panel selected the Top Award Nominations based on the following values: 1.) Empowering and enabling people, 2.) Catalyzing inclusive and sustainable development, 3.) Demonstrating contextual relevance, and 4.) International connectivity and collaboration.

Being a part of the Going Beyond Awards 2021 Top Award Nominations, the AIMTEC-BL is featured on the GBSN website at It is also promoted during the GBSN Beyond virtual conference held on November 15 to 17, 2021.

The GBSN is a network of over 120 business schools from more than 50 with a vision to advance sustainable development through education, community engagement, and research. The EFMD Global, on the other hand, is an accreditation body for business schools and programmes, and corporate universities with 966 institutional members from 90 countries.

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