In a significant development, the Career Services Office (CSO) of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and financial services provider, P&A Grant Thornton, officially cemented their alliance on 25 October 2023. This pivotal signing ceremony, hosted on the prestigious grounds of AIM, represents the culmination of extensive collaborative endeavors, signaling a potential transformative impact on the domains of education, talent development, and corporate excellence.

AIM President and Dean Jikyeong Kang, PhD kicked off the proceedings with a warm and enthusiastic welcome, emphasizing the monumental significance of this collaborative venture. She underscored the meticulous approach AIM adopts when selecting partners, favoring entities with impeccable reputations. Dr. Kang also highlighted the unique relationship shared between AIM and P&A Grant Thornton, citing that a substantial number of the company’s senior executives are AIM alumni.

Rhia Girmendonk Dee, Director of the People and Culture Group at P&A Grant Thornton, echoed Dr. Kang’s sentiments by affirming P&A Grant Thornton’s unwavering loyalty to AIM. Dee disclosed the frequent enrollment of P&A Grant Thornton’s staff at AIM which is a testament to their profound belief in the Institute’s exceptional educational standards.

Professor Felipe Calderon, PhD, Head of the Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business at AIM, provided a comprehensive overview of the School, emphasizing its diverse array of projects and expressing great anticipation for their collaborative capstone initiatives with P&A Grant Thornton.

The official seal of this transformative partnership was formally affixed as Dr. Kang, Rhia Girmendonk Dee, and P&A Grant Thornton’s People and Culture Group Manager RB Davis appended their signatures to the contract, witnessed by Professor Calderon, CSO Director Jade Galvan, CSO Relationship Manager Cherry Pie Calanoc, and the other members of the CSO team.

This historic signing heralds the dawn of a highly promising partnership, positioned to reshape the landscape of education and professional development. The harmonious convergence of academic excellence and pragmatic industry experience is poised to sculpt the leaders of tomorrow, fostering innovation, and contributing to the growth and advancement of the business landscape in Asia-Pacific and beyond.

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