The Career Services Office at the Asian Institute of Management will be launching its new job matching platform, Asian Institute of Management Recruitment, Employment, and Careers Hub (AIM-REACH), for all its students in January 2022.

AIM-REACH will function as a complete suite of career development services to engage and support students in the career search process. Upon accessing their account, students can search and apply for jobs. The AI-enabled job search system that is integrated into the platform streamlines and customizes this experience to match students with opportunities that best align with their goals and skillsets.

The application process is more convenient as students can upload, update, and store their professional documents directly onto the platform. Additional features such as resume builders and interview and job trackers are included for convenience and centralized organization. Industry partners and employers can likewise post job listings and organizational profiles and communicate with applicants directly on AIM-REACH for a seamless experience.

The platform also allows students to register and manage any networking opportunities and events of interest to them. They will be able to access career development resources, mentorship programs, and register for career services events – on-site or virtual. Students can attend virtual recruitment events that are being hosted by companies directly through AIM-REACH. The platform makes it easy for students, employers, and AIM staff to communicate and build relationships.

AIM-REACH is enabled by Symplicity, a popular all-around employability and student services suite. Its seamless integration and numerous features help AIM students prepare for future jobs and workplaces, expand their networks, and propel them into the right career.

CSO helps AIM students recognize their strengths and interests, clarify career goals, discover employment opportunities, and expand their network across industries. CSO offers one-on-one career advising, career management sessions, employment opportunities, and access to career development resources to help them reach their professional goals. For more information, visit or email