The onset of the pandemic in 2020 forced business organisations to move forward from what everyone knew as normal, to what is now defined as the new normal. CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative, the Philippines’ leading micro insurer recognised the need for leadership development to sustain and maximise the growth of organisations in the face of new challenges.

With this in mind, CLIMBS Institute of Management (formerly CIFL), the sole training provider of the National Federation of Cooperatives in the Philippines, has partnered with the Asian Institute of Management School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning to offer a Post-Graduate Certificate in Cooperative Management.

The first in-house program, “Pivoting the Cooperative in the New Normal” is designed for cooperative leaders, executives and directors. More than offering a certificate course, the partnership between CLIMBS and AIM seeks to create opportunities to develop executives and leaders not just to address current needs but to assure the continued growth of cooperatives and organisations.

The intensive program will comprise of three (3) modules, spread out over a period of 2-3 months. It will prepare leaders to be more agile, while deepening their capability to remain relevant in challenging business situations as it reinvigorates cooperatives with futures thinking and viable pivot plans for them to explore.  The program, which will be conducted using case method discussions, breakout learning sessions, workshops, and will have business plan coaching, will start on 25 May 2021.