The keynote speaker, Roderick ‘Rick’ Rodriguez, a seasoned project manager, scrum master, and data consultant at IBM Philippines, shared his extensive expertise and insights into the evolving technology landscape.

Rick emphasized the significant role IBM plays as one of the top consulting companies in the Philippines. He illustrated how IBM’s swift adaptation to remote work during the pandemic not only bolstered revenue but also led to substantial headcount growth. Leveraging its robust IT infrastructure, English-speaking talent pool, and diverse age groups, IBM adeptly caters to the diverse needs of its clients.

During his presentation, Rick delved into a case study involving a major Philippine bank’s data transformation project. He elaborated on the challenges faced, including aligning IBM’s best practices with the client’s existing processes. Addressing these challenges hinged on consistent communication and the demonstration of IBM’s expertise. Rick provided details about how IBM created a unified data platform for the client, resulting in improved reporting speed, cost-efficiency, and data consistency. This platform streamlined various data sources, obviating the need for multiple iterations, and enabling customized access across different business units.

The event also featured a Q&A session, allowing participants to interact with Rick and delve deeper into topics such as technology choices, deployment challenges, and IBM’s approach to meeting diverse client needs. It concluded with on-site interviews for both pre-selected candidates and walk-in participants from the students of the Master of Science in Data Science program. This hands-on engagement opportunity was a valuable addition, providing attendees with a chance to explore potential career paths with IBM.

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