On August 11, 2023, the Career Services Office (CSO) achieved a significant milestone with the launch of the HR CoLab Project. The HR CoLab Project emerges as the successor to the HR CLICK Project, introduced by the CSO of the Asian Institute of Management in April 2021. This visionary endeavor, forged through a partnership between the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and various industries, is dedicated to creating a connection between Human Resources and other skilled professionals, transcending local boundaries, and spanning international horizons. This initiative envisions a collaborative framework where practitioners synergize their expertise, co-craft innovations, and collectively drive community transformations. A defining feature of this initiative lies in its voluntary and open membership, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas without financial constraints.

The event featured an inaugural presentation by Professor Corinne Grace Burgos, a dedicated full-time assistant professor at AIM’s Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology, & Entrepreneurship. The topic focused on “The Benefits of Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management” which brought together a total of 57 human resource professionals and talent acquisition specialists, with representatives from diverse sectors including government agencies, academia, business enterprises, and non-profit organizations—both in-person and online—thereby establishing a platform for an informative discussion.

Professor Corinne Burgos discussed the multifaceted advantages of integrating AI into various human resource management cycles. Through an insightful presentation, she expounded upon a comprehensive range of advantages brought about by the fusion of AI and HRM, including enhanced efficiency, cost savings, data analysis opportunities, accelerated turnaround time, strategic employee focus and engagement, performance management, and a reduction in the gender gap. Professor Corinne also underscored the critical imperative of reskilling and upskilling HR professionals as they navigate the intricate landscape of integrating human intelligence with machine capabilities.

As the HR CoLab Project takes its initial steps, it signifies more than a launch—it represents a commitment to transformative innovation. Professor Corinne Grace Burgos’s inaugural talk provided valuable insight into the collaborative path ahead. The Career Services Office of the Asian Institute of Management, along with its industry partners, is poised to lead change at the convergence of AI and human expertise. This event serves as a central element of the four-part series designed for official HR CoLab members throughout the year.

Stay tuned for our upcoming discussion: “Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence in Fostering a Positive Workplace: Strategies for HR and Employee Success.” This informative talk, scheduled for November 2023 and to be presented by a distinguished expert in behavioral science, will shed light on the crucial significance of emotional intelligence (EI) in cultivating a thriving and harmonious work environment.

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