With the government’s easing of restrictions on social gatherings, the AIM Alumni Taiwan Chapter led by President Pi-Chuan (P.C.) Chen, MM 95, held a reunion dinner last June 19 at the Imperial Hotel Taipei.  A total of twenty (20) alumni participated in the festive occasion.


Special guest and great supporter of the chapter, Mr. Stan Shih, who is also currently AIM Governor, graciously attended the dinner and delivered a speech about the new business development and opportunities on the sharing economy, integration of culture to improve performance, as well as developments in the fields of medical services, IT, etc.



Mr. Nikhil Kamath, MBM 98 and current FAIM Chairman, sent a letter to congratulate the chapter for successfully staging the reunion, the very first AIM alumni gathering across the world in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  P.C. Chen also shared updates from the Alumni Relations Office regarding the herculean efforts of the Institute to ensure the safety of the students, staff and faculty while making sure the academic journey of the students is not disrupted.  Updates included the online delivery of classes, students and alumni in the frontlines against COVID-19, the One AIM newsletter to share heartwarming stories from the AIM community in the time of the pandemic, AIM webinars and new online executive courses.


Bottom (L-R): Nan-Ji Chen (MM 96), Ching-Kuo Hsiao (MM 90), Pi-Chuan Chen (MM 95), Stan Shih (AIM Governor), Shawn H. Y. Chen (MM 94), Robert Lin (MBM 82), Tzy-Wei, Wang (MM 79) / Top (L-R): David Chang (MM 93), Jacinta Meng (MBM 85), Tony Chien (MM 79), Chiu-Chih Lai (MBM 75), James Chong (MBM 84), Don Chen (BMP 90), Wei-Han Mo (MM 91), Sheng Liu (MM 90), Tsau-Tang Yang (MM 94), Wen-Kai Yeh (MBM 76), Russell Ho (MBM 81) / Not in photo: Han-Chuan Hsu (MM 91) and David Jo-Yun Chang (MM 90)



During the meeting, P.C. Chen was unanimously elected as President of the Taiwan Chapter anew and will serve his new term from 2020 to 2021.  Also, the alumni voted to do a feasibility study regarding the formal registration of the Taiwan Chapter as a legal entity.



Congratulations to P.C. and our Taiwanese alumni for the successful reunion and the distinction of being the first ever to hold an alumni event during the pandemic!