Expanding Strategic Perspective Revisiting Lessons from History and the Classics” book is a captivating exploration by Dr. René Azurin. Drawing from diverse disciplines, including history, politics, economics, military strategy, psychology, and philosophy, the book aims to help leaders in business, politics, and beyond to broaden their viewpoints. 

Dr. René B. Azurin is a distinguished figure with a multifaceted career spanning business, academia, consultancy, and policy advising. As a top executive, management professor, and influential columnist, he has consistently advocated for clean elections, transparent governance, and dispersed power. Dr. Azurin’s impressive portfolio includes notable works such as “Hacking Our Democracy,” “Power and Privilege,” and “Random Walks and Other Essays.” He is also a member of the Philippine Center of International PEN, the world’s oldest literary and human rights organization. 

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