Gil Genio, MBM 86 distinction awardee and former CTIO and CSO of Globe Telecom, made a memorable return to AIM to share his career and life lessons with IMBA, OMBA, EMBA, and MDM students during Alumni Hour.   




Saying he hasn’t been back on campus in decades, Gil began his talk by recalling his student days while taking up the MBM program.  Then newly married, he made a deal with his wife that in exchange for her supporting him with his studies, he would make sure that he returned the favor, and at some point, she wouldn’t have to work again.  And he kept his end of the bargain, forging a successful career that saw him leave his mark in the banking and telecommunications industries. 



His first lesson to the students stemmed from his experience in the MBM program.  With a baby on the way, Gil realized he didn’t have the financial resources to continue the second year of his MBM studies.  Even with his scholarship, the miscellaneous expenses were formidable.  He informed then MBM Academic Program Director, the late Prof. Leni Panganiban, about his situation and how difficult it would be for him to continue.  Fortuitously, an anonymous benefactor generously provided a stipend to cover his expenses.  The lesson he imparted is to help whenever an opportunity presents itself for one can never foresee the positive impact it will have on a person’s life, family, or career.  



In his talk, Gil emphasized the importance of outlearning and outworking everyone to be noticed and be ready to assume greater responsibilities.  This is especially true when transitioning to a new career.  As he traced his career path, he went from being a Physics graduate to working in IT to taking up an MBA and eventually landing in the banking and telecom industries.   And he always had to prove himself every step of the way.   



Gil shared many profound lessons from his career, and these can be summarized in the slide he presented:

The Alumni Relations Office gratefully acknowledges Gil Genio’s generosity with his precious time and the valuable lessons he shared with AIM students.  It was indeed an Alumni Hour to remember, which the students will take with them as they forge their respective careers.    



Watch the full session here: 2024 Apr 24 Alumni Hour with Gil Genio_1.mp4