Alumni Relations Office (ARO) launched the ARO Throwback Thursdays Photo Contest last July 22. The main goal for this initiative is to jog the memories of the alumni and recall their time in AIM. The contest is currently on its 4th week and will run until the end of September.  

The contest can be accessed through MyAIMConnect – the official alumni engagement platform of the Institute.  


Here’s how the contest goes: 

1) Every Thursday, ARO will post a category on the MyAIMConnect feed.

2) Alumni will then post their entries on the feed as well.

3) The hashtag #AROThrowbackThursdays must be used included in the photo caption  to qualify for the contest.

4) Deadline for the submission of entries is Wednesday, 12 nn, of the folowing week. 

5) The winner is announced every Wednesday at 4:00pm.

The criteria for judging are as follows: 

50% Photos taken during AIM student days (more points will be given to photos  taken on-campus) 

30%  Creativity in caption writing 

20% Photo closely matches the given category 

Weekly winners will receive Php2500 worth of premium AIM items. 


Here are the entries from the past three weeks: 

Week 1 Category: Share what technology was available when you were a student at AIM 

Winning entry from Casto Ignacio, MDP 1988. 

“MDP88, it was then “high touch and low tech” learning was more fun, I  enjoyed every CAN meeting each time.” 

From Jed Bellen, MBA 2011. 

“Overhead projector was the key to our presentation success! #AROThrowbackThursdays” 


From Miguel Rancap, MBA 2016. 

“Did they even use the right graph to explain the details?” Take it from Michael  Angelo Viray to help you digest and appreciate the details through the use  of various MS office tools. #AROThrowbackThursdays #304Roomies #MBA2016 

“And that’s teamwork for you: Together wE Achieve More 

Take it from yours truly to tell you about how diverse and inclusive teams make  the working world better through the use of visuals shown through an  overhead projector. #AROThrowbackThursdays #304Roomies #MBA2016 

From Danilo Avendano, EMBA 2014

“Enjoying the Stock Trading Game with AIM’s dependable Desktop Computer (09-25-2008) #AROThrowbackThursdays” 

 “Could not have survived AIM without our laptops (08-20-2007)” 

 Week 2 Category: Which part of campus was your favorite hangout spot? 

Winning entry from Miguel Rancap, MBA 2016. 

“Saan pa ba? Eh di sa “bahay” ng barkada mo!” Room 304 is filled only with goooood and very funny memories. Dito kami kumakain ng 1 whole Mary Grace Chocolate Truffle Cake while studying, dito din kami nagtatakutan, movie night and of course, naglalabas ng mga “hugot”, shade, and all our feelings in our well-loved “feelings” board. As we have said before, we are 99% kalokohan and 1% katotohanan. God, I miss my #304Roomies #AROThrowbackThursdays #MBA2016 

From Miguel Rancap, MBA 2016. 

“Where can you find a bunch of MBA students prioritizing photoshoots in the  midst of reviewing for a Finance exam? Only in the KRC with MBA  2016 nonetheless! Or wait, was it MCP? #AROThrowbackThursdays #MBA2016 

From Jed Bellen, MBA 2011. 

“Where else do we learn aside from the Case Room? The Dorm Lobby! To me, this is my most favorite place at AIM campus as I have my happiest memories here. The place is not just a place for convergence, but also a petri dish for profound learning, sensible leadership, and valuable  connections. #AROThrowbackThursdays #MBA2011 #SA” 

From Casto Ignacio, MDP 1988. 

“I may be away from my office or my family but in the AIM dorm, celebrating my birthday in the common area/study room made it unforgettable. It may be just a birthday cake sent by my staff from my office, but that cake gave me a chance to celebrate and share it with my batchmates. It strengthened the camaraderie and relaxed the mood away from long CAN (case analysis) group meetings.  In our common study area, CAN meetings were held in the evenings that usually lasted longer than classroom hours. So many fond memories picking on the brains of other CAN group members to be prepared for the tough questions from our professors the next day or submission of answers for the business games competitions. Many who were already top executives in their respective companies I think have appreciated more the value of listening to others’ ideas than talking about their own. Here applied the quote “two ears but one tongue so that we may listen twice as much as we speak”. At the end of our program our CAN group got all three out of three trophies from the business games.” 


Week 3 Category: Share your favorite memories with your CAN group / Learning Team. 

Winning entry from Miguel Rancap, MBA 2016. 

“Learning Team 9 – Team Lerler Represent! From formal photoshoots, Halloween dress ups, Christmas Dinners, Term-ender Parties (and other crazy parties) and finally, our Graduation Ceremony – Team Lerler (or Lakwacha for the commoner) has been through it all. Blessed to have my MBA journey with this bunch! We may not be the most outstanding team, but we were definitely one to support and have each others backs. Now I realized I don’t have any photos of us studying! 😆 #LT9 #TeamLerler # AROThrowbackThursdays” 


From Casto Ignacio, MDP 1988. 

“My CAN Group, standing left to right, Vic Apale (+), Manny Enverga, Charit Halili, Nick Escalante, and Narul Akhla seated left to right  Ver Del Rosario, (me) Tito Dizon and Ed Amoranto. A powerpack CAN group, who were already Top Guns from their companies. It was then I witnessed how teamwork brought out SYNERGY in action. Each of us won  3 out of 3 trophies from the business games competitions for the duration of the program. From corporate executives, most of us now have become entrepreneurs and management consultants. #CMIposts #MDP88 #AROThrowbackThursdays” 

If you would like to share your AIM memories and win awesome prizes, head over to and post your photos and stories! 

 words by Janelle Erika Corpuz-Santos