Those of you who are alumni of the nondegree programs and corporate in-house programs will recall that it wasn’t just the faculty that made your program memorable but also the program staff. Many of you will remember Frency Importado, who retired last year.

A week ago, Frency’s brother was brought to ICU with extremely elevated blood sugar (600+) and failing kidney (6% function). This afternoon he suffered an aneurysm and was pronounced brain dead.

As we can imagine, the week’s confinement in ICU has resulted in an astronomical hospital bill. If you wish to help Frency and his family in this time of extreme need, you may send a contribution to his BPI Account Number 3216 4130 54, or GCash Account Number 0917 837 3699. You can also text a message of sympathy to 0917 837 3699.

Thank you all.