On May 29, the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) hosted a reunion dinner for the celebrating classes that will lead the AIM Grand Alumni Homecoming 2025.  The event served as the initial meeting to kickstart the discussions and preparations for the homecoming plans and events.

The celebrating classes are composed of graduates of the following batches:

1970               55th Anniversary

1975               Golden Jubilarian – 50th Anniversary

1980               45th Anniversary

1985               40th Anniversary

1990               35th Anniversary

1995               30th Anniversary

2000               Silver Jubilarian – 25th Anniversary

2005               Lead Host Class – 20th Anniversary

2010               15th Anniversary

2015               10th Anniversary

2020               5th Anniversary

Alumni from eight (8) different batches, representing MBM/MBA, MM, EMBA, MDM, EMDRCM, ME, and BMP, attended the reunion dinner.  Batch 2020 had the distinction of having the biggest number of attendees.  The presence of two golden jubilarians, Msrrs. Ernest Villareal, MBM 1975, and Efren Tungpalan, BMP 1975, provided more impetus and inspiration to the celebrants.  Also gracing the event was Mr. Philip Ng, MBM 80, and a member of the Board of Trustees of AIM-SRF.

Ernest Villareal, MBM 1975


Efren Tungpalan, BMP 1975 and companion

The event began with a short presentation by Mr. Bernardino Jiao, ARO Executive Managing Director, of the latest developments at the Institute, particularly the new program offerings and facilities on campus.  He also shared the most recent initiative of ARO,  the free lifetime alumni card, and the alumni communications channels such as the AIM Leader Online Magazine and MyAIMConnect alumni engagement platform.  Many of the attendees were able to receive their alumni cards that night and were grateful for the benefits and privileges afforded by the card.

Bernardino Jiao, ARO Executive Managing Director

Homecoming 2025 Chairman, Marcus Leslie Suntay, MBA 2005, gave the celebrating classes a rundown of how past homecoming events were staged, including events leading up to the big day.  For the 2025 Grand Alumni Homecoming, his class proposed to organize a series of events/fundraisers such as an art night, a movie premier, a golf tournament, etc.  Other celebrating classes were encouraged to think of more ideas that they, or the other batches, could organize and execute.  For its part, ARO will organize masterclasses and other campus-based activities for the celebrating classes during homecoming week.

Marcus Leslie Suntay, MBA 2005 and Homecoming 2025 Chairman

Leslie also presented possible venues to hold the event, including the costs associated with each venue.  Based on the initial discussions, Le Pavilion seems to be the current frontrunner.  It meets the criteria set by the group concerning capacity, accessibility, parking, and other intangibles.

Another key decision made by the attendees concerned the date of the homecoming.  Ernest Villareal, representing the Golden Jubilarian class of MBM 75, expressed concern regarding the homecoming schedule, noting that the usual date falls during Ramadan and that many of his classmates would not be able to attend if it was held during this period.  To address this concern, the group unanimously agreed to schedule the homecoming on February 22, 2025.

Please watch this space as we share more information regarding the homecoming.  Further meetings will be organized, and more details will be shared with the AIM community once available.

ARO would like to thank all the attendees for actively participating in the proceedings.  We look forward to hosting you again in succeeding meetings.