The AIM Alumni Relations Office would like to congratulate Network of AIM Alumni Singapore (NAIMAS) members Anish Mathew Samuel, MBM 2001, and Chakrapani Ruddraramker, MM 2002, for winning in the Steward Leadership 25.

Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) is an annual listing of initiatives from 25 for-profit organisations that have shown Steward Leadership excellence within the Asia-Pacific region. Steward Leadership excellence demands genuine desire and persistence to create a collective better future for stakeholders, society, future generations and the environment. These initiatives, which occurred between 1 March 2019 and 1 March 2022, showcased strategies that went beyond profit-making to tackle the existential challenges our society faces today, such as climate change and income inequality.

Forms of stewardship, such as sustainability and responsible investing, are at the core of these initiatives’ strategies and execution.

The SL25 initiatives were not selected according to an organisation’s measurement, reporting and disclosure strength. The judges evaluated the impact of the initiative and the extent to which its strategy and execution are aligned with stewardship values. The 25 initiatives hold equal merit.

SL25 is jointly curated by Stewardship Asia Centre, the INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, WTW and The Straits Times.

Anish and Chakrapani are both Directors at UAL Biotech Pte. Ltd. UAL Biotech works towards providing a clean environment and safe, affordable organic food for all. With food production being heavily reliant on factors such as weather patterns and temperature, climate change is exacerbating the trade-off between high-yield food production and its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Addressing this trade-off is key to creating a sustainable future for the next generation.

UAL Biotech’s bio-innovation aims to be an alternative to chemical fertilizer farming to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions at farms. To know more about UAL Biotech’s bio-innovation for food security and sustainability, click the link:

For those who want to get in touch with Anish and Chakrapani here are their contact details:

Anish M:+ 65 9009 4220 E:

Chakra M:+65 9027 0452 E: