Class Notes from Ernesto Guzman, MM 1991.

MM 1991 looked back on their milestones and get together events.


Dinner at Jakarta – August 1993

Yozua Makes, Roger Calvo, Ernesto Guzman, Romeo Bato, Petrus Ecky Sidik, Danny Verastigue


 Dinner at Jakarta hosted by Bouy Ngadimun – 1994

Ferry Hollen, Romeo Bato, Abraham George Thattungal, Bouy Ngadimun, Danny Verastigue, Ernesto Guzman, Virgilio Cancio. Guest: Norman


Dinner at Purefoods Executive Lounge hosted by Ronald Mascarinas

Bilities Pei-Bei Yuan, Valentino Dones, Roger Calvo, Ernesto Guzman, Ronald Mascarinas, Armando Ochoa, Willy Cu


Willy’s Lunch Blowout at Kamayan Makati

Romeo Bato, Edgar Portante, Tita Puangco, Ronald Mascarinas, Valentino Dones, Virgilio Cancio, Ernesto Guzman, Wilfredo Cu, Danilo Verastigue


10th Anniversary celebration at the AIM Homecoming in Rockwell Court – March 2001

(Front) Edwin Lacierda, Tita Puangco, Danilo Verastigue, Bilities Pei-Bei Yuan, Roger Calvo (Back) Ernesto Guzman, Ronald Mascarinas and guests

Bilities Pei-Bei Yuan, Roger Calvo, Ronald Mascarinas, Danilo Verastigue


15th Anniversary celebration – March 2006

March 2006 Get-Together


January 2007 Get-Together

December 2007 Get-Together


April 2008 Get-Together

20th Anniversary celebration in Bali, Indonesia – February 2011


21st Anniversary celebration at the AIM Homecoming 2012 in AIM Campus

From L to R: Ernesto Guzman, Tita Puangco, Danilo Verastigue, Valentino Dones


25th Anniversary celebration at the AIM Homecoming 2016 in Blue Leaf Global City

From L to R: Ernesto Guzman, Danilo Verastigue, Tita Puangco, Bilities Pei-Bei Yuan, Antonio Acupan, Valentino Dones, Yozua Makes, Romeo Bato

From L to R: Antonio Acupan, Ernesto Guzman, Bilities Pei-Bei Yuan, Tita Puangco, Prof. Junbo Borromeo, Romeo Bato, Valentino Dones, Yozua Makes


AIM Triple A 2018 Awarding Ceremony for Wei Han Mo

From L to R: Danilo Veratigue, Virgilio Cancio, Ernesto Guzman, Tita Puangco

From L to R: Ernesto Guzman, Danilo Verastigue, Wei Han Mo, Valentino Dones, Virgilio Cancio


Congratulations, MM 1991, on this milestone!