MBM 2003, one of the lead host classes of AIM’s Grand Alumni Homecoming 2023, has partnered with Art19B Gallery for a fund-raising Online Art Auction from December 7 to 14, 2022.

The collection features an assortment of artworks by some of the best local artists in the Philippines. Their works range from modern abstracts to colorful folk art depicting daily Filipino life.

They have selected pieces with a wide range of prices and styles that will pique the interest of all collectors, from first-time buyers to seasoned art connoisseurs.

Hermes Alegre

Marge Organo


Jerry Morada

Christian Tomondong

Ramoncito D. Doplon

Jovan Benito

Ramon Viray

Mhar Baes

Inday Cadapan

Noel Mahilum

Adrian Morales

Cocoi Base

Egg Fiasco

Jaime Roque


Cezar Arro

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How and where can we view the art piece?

You may set an appointment with Krista at +63 917 179 5650 or +63 992 214 5009 to view the art piece at Art19B Gallery in 213 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

  • How do I place my bid?

Please send an email to Jaika Santos of AIM Alumni Relations Office (ARO) at jcorpuz@aim.edu. Kindly include the following details in your email:

Name, Contact Number, Lot #, Bid Price

  • How will I know if I won the bid?

You will receive an email from AIM Alumni Relations Office on Dec. 14 to advise that you have won the bid together with the payment instructions and how to claim the artwork.

  • How will payment be done?

You will be requested to deposit the payment equivalent to your bid to the AAAIM account details of which will be sent together with the advisory that you have won the bid.

  • Can I back out?

If you wish to back out prior to the deadline, please advise us as soon as possible for us not to consider your bid anymore. If you have won the bid and wish to back out, then the artwork will be awarded to the next highest bidder.

  • Will the gallery issue a Certificate of Authentication?

Most of the art pieces that are part of the collection already have Certificate of Authentication issued by the responsible party. If none, Art19B Gallery shall issue one.

  • How can I claim my artwork?

The gallery offers free delivery within Metro Manila.

About Art19B Gallery

“Our gallery is very proud to be the custodian of these art pieces as we showcase pure 100% Filipino talent. For the past 18 years, we have built relationships with our artists and collectors, and the wide range of prices and selection of work appeals to the different tastes of the collectors.

We pride ourselves in having pieces priced for the “everyday Juan” collector as we believe that art should be for everyone. We also have some works from modern masters, whose works have been featured in auctions here and abroad.

Mabuhay ang Sining Pilipino.”

For inquiries, please email us at aimalumni@aim.edu.