On December 1, Taiwan AIM Alumni Chapter held their annual dinner meeting.

Just like the previous years, Mr. Stan Shih, Founder of ACER Group and a member of AIM’s Board of Governors joined the said gathering and delivered a speech. He shared the progress and achievements on the programs of iCulture and iMedicare, which he has continually promoted in the pass couple of years together with the Taiwan government organizations.

Another special guest that evening was Dr. Heh-Song Wang, former Asian Development Bank officer and the third panelist for the MRR defense of 22 Taiwanese alumni.

A total of 18 alumni participated in the dinner meeting. They were:

  1. Ching-Zang Ho, MBM 1973
  2. George Lai, MBM 1975
  3. Shun Hai-Lee, MBM 1975
  4. Tzy-Wei Wang, MM 1979
  5. Tony Chien, MM 1979
  6. Russell Ho, MBM 1981
  7. Shin-Min Linhy, MBM 1982
  8. James Chung, MBM 1984
  9. Jacinta Meng, MBM 1985
  10. Steven Tseng, MBM 1987
  11. Jo Yun Chang, MM 1990
  12. Patrick Hsiao, MM 1990
  13. T. Chen, BMP 1990
  14. Michael Hsu, MM 1991
  15. Wei Han Mo, MM 1991
  16. John Yang, MM 1994
  17. Pi-Chuan Chen, MM 1995
  18. Nan-Chi Chen, MM 1996