Front row (from left): John Yang (MM 94), Dr. Heh-Song Wang, Mr. Stan Shih, P.C. Chen (MM 95), T.C. Lee (MBM 73), Patrick C.K. Hsiao (MM 90), Ke-Han Lin (MBM 78) | Back row (from left): Adam Ting (MBM 84), Nan-Chi Chen (MM 96), Russell Ho (MBM 81), James Chung (MBM 84), Bessy Tsai (MBM 82), W.T. Chen (BMP 90), Tony Chien (MM 79), George Lai (MBM 75), Jacinta Meng (MBM 85), Wei Han Mo (MM 91), James Liu (MM 90), Ming-Chien Wu (MM 91), Steven Tseng (MBM 87), Shih-Choib Fu (MBM 89) | Missing from photo-taking: Jo Yun Chang (MM 90)


On March 19, 2021, the Taiwan AIM Alumni Chapter held their post-Chinese New Year celebration and dinner meeting. The Taiwan alumni chapter is one of AIM’s most active chapters. Twenty alumni attended this year’s dinner celebration.

As in years past, Mr. Stan Shih, founder of the ACER Group and a member of AIM’s Board of Governors, was the night’s special guest, and he delivered a speech on iCulture, iMedicare, and the principles of Wangdao, an ancient Chinese philosophy that encouraged kings to rule in the interests of their subjects rather than just their own.


Mr. Stan Shih, founder of the ACER Group and a member of AIM’s Board of Governors


Another special guest was Dr. Heh-Song Wang, former Asian Development Bank officer representing the Taiwan government.  He developed a special bond with many of the Taiwan alumni during the course of his 24-year tenure at ADB in Manila.  A total of 22 alumni had him as the third panelist for their MRR defense at AIM.  As a result, he is often invited to all the chapter’s events as an honorary member.

Taiwan alumni chapter President PC Chen opened the meeting with the latest updates about AIM from ARO Executive Managing Director Bernie Jiao.  Included in the updates is the information regarding the number of Taiwanese alumni and their respective programs.  There are now a total of 493 Taiwanese alumni.  Of the total, 117 graduated from the degree programs, and 376 completed executive non-degree courses.


Taiwan Alumni chapter President PC Chen giving his welcome address.


Records show that the first four alumni from Taiwan graduated from the Airport Transport Course (ATC) in 1969, while the most recent graduate completed the Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) in 2018.


AIM Alumni Taiwan Chapter


Leaders from other alumni chapters were also able to virtually send their greetings to the chapter. Congratulatory messages were given by Nikhil Kamath, President of AIM Alumni Association India and FAIM Chairman; Sumeth Amornjaruchit, President of AIM Alumni Association Thailand and FAIM Vice Chairman; and Anwar Chowdhury, Bangladesh Alumni Chapter Head and alumni representative to AIM’s Board of Trustees.


Nikhil Kamath, FAIM Chairman and AIM Alumni Association India President


Sumeth Amornjarochit, AIM Alumni Association Thailand President


Anwar Chowdhury, AIM Board of Trustee and Bangladesh Alumni Chapter Head


We would like to thank the Taiwan Alumni Chapter for remaining connected and engaged with AIM. If you are based in Taiwan and would like to be active in Taiwan’s alumni chapter, you may reach us at and we will connect you with them.